Yahoo Customer Service Number UK for Technical Dilemmas

Yahoo is one of the prevalent email services used by millions of users worldwide. It is popular among all age groups, genders on personal as well as professional level. It offers various advanced and high-quality service to users, and this makes it more preferable email brand across the globe. It is jam-packed with many top-notch features and offers a deluge of services such as Yahoo news, Tumblr, Flicker, Yahoo finance, Yahoo answers and many more. Moreover, it continuously works to provide better quality and user-friendly features to users.

Yahoo successfully manages to give quality services to its users, since 1994 when it was started by Jerry Yang and David Filo.

Cardinal features of Yahoo Email Service:

  • One Yahoo email ID enable users for various services like Tumblr, Flicker and more
  • The common bug fixes and improvements make it even more attractive
  • 1 Tb storage space
  • Reminder and Unsubscribe features are the latest ones added by Yahoo
  • Yahoo gives priority to user’s privacy hence offer high-tech encryption features

Moreover, Yahoo mail is a free email service, includes some of the best features. Tough competition in the email-client niche and the constantly changing customer needs trigger Yahoo to update its features list and tools and this makes it vulnerable to technical errors.

Common Errors in Yahoo Email:

  • Unable to send/receive mail
  • Hacked and blocked account
  • Change and reset password
  • Unable to download or upload attachment
  • Compatibility issues with different devices or operating systems
  • Temporary error codes

These are some of the issues which Yahoo users mostly come across. To get rid of these errors, calling Yahoo customer service is the best panacea to resolve issues.

Yahoo Customer Service for UK Users

Yahoo is a globally known brand and its customer base is very huge. It understands the need for direct support services. Therefore, it provides country-specific support to troubleshoot all technical concerns and thus providing better user experience. A large portion of UK natives uses Yahoo as their email service. So, it becomes necessary for Yahoo to provide special Yahoo customer support team for UK based users.

Contact Phone Numbers for Yahoo UK Users

Yahoo provides complete customer support, most of it comes in the form of an FAQ section. However, we were eventually able to find some of the numbers for Yahoo UK, where you can get support for Yahoo concerns.

Phone +44 (0) 20 7131 1000
Fax +44 (0) 20 7131 1001

Head Office:

Tel +41 831 50 00
Fax +41 831 50 01

Mailing Address:

Yahoo! UK Ltd
Level 5, 125 Shaftesbury Avenue
United Kingdom

Yahoo! Head Office

Yahoo! SARL
ZA La Pièce No 4
Route de l’Etraz
1180 Rolle

Official Website for Yahoo UK:

The official website for Yahoo is This site is the center for all Yahoo services. Moreover, different sections are available for particular help such as Account, Mail, Mobile, Answers, Finance and See more option for others.

Yahoo Help Community:

Yahoo help Community is an online platform using which, members can ask and answer questions on a wide range of topics. The user can ask for assistance or contribute in order to provide help; however, it is a free community for Yahoo account holders.

Yahoo Customer Service on Facebook Yahoo Twitter Account:

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